by Ghost Thrower

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released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Ghost Thrower New York, New York

Ghost Thrower is a club.

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Track Name: Oranges
I took a bus to new york to figure out
My life, my sins, my brain and what I'm all about
I came to your choice bar and I found
Your head against the stars
You were yelling loud
You made up all your minds
You were tired of me pouring out my lines about the demons above
You said it's getting old and I wanted too many of your years
But that was never true
I want all of your eyes
With me on this stage
Watch me take a bite
And slowly drift away
Out into the night
Off to casco bay
Can I bum a light?
It seems I lead mine astray

Couldn't tell the time with those lights
Doesn't matter if it was day or night
When I woke up I'm sure I saw you there
Swatting at umbrellas at times square
Track Name: Seaside Suicide
Can you hear me banging on the door?
Can you hear me giving you the score?
I been dying for the ocean air.
Keep me away from Manhattan nightmares.
Where I go no one knows what its like to be alone.
Tried to warn when you were in the snares
I tripped on branches and broke my ankles there
Kind of mad for letting you just hang
I kind of miss the somber songs you sang.
Track Name: Barghest
We won't be speaking until the weekend
I know you're sorry and that's for sure
You put your worst foot forward
Now I'm too old to care for making new friends
You won't be seeing a whole lot of me and
From this point on I'm just a ghost
Haunting the bars you favor most
And your friends will think that you're a crazy old fool
And I don't really know
What I'm doing here
But I know what you've been doing and I never wanna see you again
I watched you sleep in the bed you've been keeping
At your home away from home
The place looks nice you sure have grown
Into something like an adult or so it might seem
I've got a feeling that you'll still be reeling
When you wake up with my name on your lips
The ones I surely used to kiss
But now you sleep alone and I can see this.
Track Name: Thinking About the Inevitable
One more drink before I have to leave
Well the doctors say not to worry about me
It's my only life
It's my only body
One more drink before I have to leave
Track Name: Shampoo Commercials
If I were the king what songs would I sing?
Would you love me more if I sent you to war?
I heard of your concerns but maybe you've not learned.
All the birds are stoned in the land I own.
Once I get all mine, I'll let you have a bite if you take my side and if you believe what I believe is right.
All the birds are stoned in the land I own.
Got myself a queen made of soylent green.
All the birds are stoned.
Track Name: When the Bombs Came Down
You were cooking dinner for your husband and his friends
They were playing poker and shooting Jameson
You built a life together
You never thought he'd lie
He said he'd keep you safe forever
Until the day you die
And that was when the bombs came down
I was on the east side
I had too much to think
I was searching for some meaning at the bottom of a drink
I'll never be a father
But none of that will matter
And that was when the bombs came down
Track Name: Can I Crash Outside?
I'm not at all consumed with where I'm going soon
But I wanna know the truth about the dark side of the moon
Can I electrify your mind just to keep out the bad news
My black ink thumb sometimes just signs me to you
Hey you stayed
You're my favorite skin
You're safe
Can you let me in?
Because I've got a lot to talk about.
I'd give you half my blood for whatever is in your hands
For whatever is in your head, I'd drop dead where I stand.
Hey you stayed
You're my favorite skin
You're safe
Can you let me in?
Track Name: Dimension 5
When I saw your grace, (two hands and a broken face,) the monsters inside my brain never could replace.
Magnetized where I lay, my watch began it's refrain from ever keeping me from going insane

If you've got spirits waiting to ascend, I'll hold on forever in an alternate dimension

A thousand years ago longer than I can stand you were equal to 40 ounces of sand.

Stars hang like toys on wires above your head. They close like giant wings and then you are dead.
Track Name: The End of the World
I'm glad I had you with me on this path
You're smiling real hard but I know you're sad
You know that I'll be waiting in the cleaning at the end of the path
Track Name: Cocaine Prom Kings
Cut up prom king, let 'em sing.
Tell them all the joy you bring.
Need some time to decompose.
Put my whole life right up your nose.
But you, this was all for you and everything you do. You chase away my blues.
I'm static hurricane.
You're like me but way more sane.
Sit with me with awkward hands.
Drink with me 'til I can't stand you
This was all for you and everything you do.
You chase away my blues.