Get Miserable

by Ghost Thrower

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released April 19, 2011

Recorded by Mike Poorman at Strangeways Studios



all rights reserved


Ghost Thrower New York, New York

Ghost Thrower is a club.

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Track Name: Prima and Sinatra
I woke up at half past 2.
I dressed myself in navy blue.
I sulked my way to the bathroom and drank a bottle of your shampoo.
The word "Alone" is daunting and by it, haunted are my days.
You put me right back where you found me; passed out on the couch
With too much on my plate.
The winter is so cold in new jersey but we burned like something like electricity.
We stayed alive with a heat that would radiate hot enough to burn the enamel from our teeth.

I need to put you behind my mind in a place that I only go to find the ghost you've thrown away.
I've been wrackin' I've been wrackin' my brains trying to come up with a reason why you went away.

Hey. My mouth tastes like nail polish.
Hey. I hope this double decker crashes.
Hey. How's your car, how are your glasses?
Track Name: I Never Damned You
Damn the morning
Goddamn the world
You threw me out like a white lighter.
Last night you were on top calling the shots
Haunting my thoughts like some albatross
I'm underslept
I'm underfed
I'm overstocked and almost dead
You were the sparks I was the powder keg and now I'm running with broken legs
You were jane doe in the headlights the night we met in the black lights
I've been eaten alive
I've been beaten to death by life
I want to die
Damn the moment
Goddamn the girl
Damn the coffin we shared in New Jersey
Damn the car you couldn't keep
and damn the nights we couldn't sleep
Damn the twilight zone new year's eve
Damn the new york fuckin' yankees
Damn your family and your friends who still don't like me
Track Name: Chemistry Sells
I've been drinking myself into a recluse
Because he turned your head like some rubik's cube.
I can't blame you for changing because I've changed too.
Now every side is incongruent.

The sound of a door shutting on it's own just reminds me I'm still alone.
My roommates are befriended ghosts, I'm always home, they come and go.

I resent that unhappiness is the ultimate form of self indulgence,
I give myself so much attention.
Track Name: For Austin
Although it may change my mind with time,
I can't up and move to California.
Ive seen the reds and the blues
I've invested my roots
From the pine tree state
To the shadow of the pru'
We're not all haters,
We're not all sinners.
We just experience New England winters.
Driving high on storrow drive
Hoping that you jerk the wheel and we die

East coast is the only coast that I know.

We only live our lives 90 days per year,
Ride your bikes to the docks,
Let's drink some beer.
Do you remember the Allston summers?
I recall wanting to live forever.
I think I speak for us all when I say
"goddamn the MBTA"
you can keep your sun and weather,
I'm going to live forever.

East coast is the only coast that I know.

Our misery could beat your happiness.
Track Name: Get Miserable
Hey, What the fuck?